Warisan Metafora Ahmad Syafii Maarif


  • Heru Joni Putra Universitas Indonesia




Metaphor, Language Sensitivity, Cultural Memory, Indonesia


This article is the earliest exploration of the legacy of metaphors created by Ahmad Syafii Maarif in his writings. As an initial exploration, this article discusses three examples of the many metaphors contained in the two books of his latest collection of writings, namely Indonesia Approaching a Century: Reflections on Community, Nationality and Humanity (Mizan, 2022) and Bullets of Reflections on the Mujahid (Publisher Kompas Books, 2023). The three metaphors chosen are both related to the existence of the state, especially the nation, politics and republic. However, the three of them are different from each other, not only in context but also in the structure of the metaphor itself. Furthermore, as an intellectual product from a seasoned scholar, this article also tries to display the initial potential of these three metaphors as Cultural Memory, so that the legacy of these metaphors in the future will not only be positioned as the result of linguistic skill but can also become a means to ignite awareness. collective.


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Author Biography

Heru Joni Putra, Universitas Indonesia

Heru Joni Putra, lahir 13 Oktober 1990 di Payakumbuh, Sumatra Barat. Ia menulis puisi, prosa, catatan seni rupa dan seni tari. Ia merupakan lulusan Sastra Inggris FIB Universitas Andalas dan Cultural Studies FIB Universitas Indonesia. Buku pertamanya berjudul Badrul Mustafa Badrul Mustafa Badrul Mustafa (2017) beroleh penghargaan sebagai Buku Sastra Terbaik versi Majalah TEMPO 2018 serta Wisran Hadi Award 2019 dan telah diterjemahkan ke bahasa Inggris oleh George A Fowler dengan judul Will Badrul Mustafa Never Die: Verse from the Front (2020). Buku terbarunya berjudul Suara yang Lebih Keras: Catatan dari Makam Tan Malaka (2021).




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Putra, H. J. (2024). Warisan Metafora Ahmad Syafii Maarif. MAARIF, 18(2), 83–99. https://doi.org/10.47651/mrf.v18i2.231